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Canine Concerns - Dog Behaviour Problems

Dogs need careful guidance, trust & a great bond with their owner in order to feel safe content & happy in today’s hectic lifestyles.  


Maybe you had the perfect dog but things have gone wrong and your dog is now far from perfect?  Maybe your re-homed dog has had a troublesome start?  Maybe you own an excitable dog & you're struggling to get anywhere with your training?  Your dog may even be driving you mad!

Whatever the issue we appreciate that owning a troublesome canine can be very stressful. After all we only want the best for our much loved companions.


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Why choose Canine Concerns?

  • All the methods used are based on kind, effective ways to help you and your dog to understand each other.
  • Because both dogs and owners are individuals, the methods are formulated to suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Help and support are offered throughout every stage of the process.
  • The recommendations are based on understanding your dog and your life and never using violence to resolve a situation.


What Happens now?

Initial session
An initial session lasts around 2 hours & takes place in your home environment or a safe outside area.  The session is to gain an understanding of the issues you are facing & to gain a background/overall picture of your dog & situation in order to plan a way forward. At the initial session we will discuss the issues & make some initial recommendations with you.  


Follow-up session
After the initial session a 1 hour follow-up session is organised to discuss methods for managing & working through the issues identified.  Methods will be explained and demonstrated at this time.


Help & Support
After the Initial & follow up session we are available for help & support by phone or email.  This is to discuss the progress you are making and to discuss any concerns which may have arisen since the follow up session.  Further sessions can be arranged if required or as progress is being made.


To express interest please contact us using our Contact Form

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