Scent training for all dogs


Turn Your Dog Into A Detection Dog


All dogs love to sniff - whether hunting, sniffing on walks, snuffling for their dinner in snuffle mats or scatter feeding etc. 

Olfaction (the sense of smell) is a dogs primary sense & they love using their noses!  They will naturally sniff out things that they like & find rewarding, which releases happy chemical messengers in their brain.  You can use this enjoyable natural sniffing ability to train your dogs to search for & locate a specific target scent whilst working with you as a handler/dog team.  Scentwork will really boost your relationship & as studies have suggested, your dogs confidence & optimism.

Join us at our Scentwork & Detection training classes & events to have some serious sniffing fun.  As you progress through your scentwork journey you will open many opportunities to expand your knowledge & grow your searches.

From scent id, indication & search skills, handling techniques, search planning, environmental searching & to even solving mysteries!  There is so much enjoyment for both you & your dog.




Your instructors have a wealth of knowledge in canine scentwork with an extensive scentwork training journey.

Scentwork UK qualified trainers levels 1-4

Talking Dogs Scentwork Accredited Handlers, & TDS Trainer Accreditation

City & Guilds Assured UKCSD Scent Detection Handler & Instructors






Scent Detection Courses

4 week courses designed for dogs of all abilities from complete beginners to those who have already started their scentwork journey.

Beginners will be introduced to scent identification, detection, indication & searching.  Progress will be made over the 4 week course & additional support will be available on Facebook whilst attending the course.

Dogs with experience/who have attended previously will work through various search skills individual to their dog over the 4 week course.  This may include increasing duration of search & indication.  Systematic searching of areas, vehicles or routes.

Participants may work individually to support nervous/sensitive/reactive dogs, or to suit the learning at any time. Experienced dogs will always work individually due to the nature of the searching

All participants will learn from observations of dog/handler teams whilst their dog rests in their vehicle.


Scent Detection Sessions

Continue your scentwork journey with further standalone training sessions to develop your skills & knowledge.  Suitable for all handler teams who have completed a beginner's course.  Each dog/handler team will work to progress at their own pace & level.

Locations will vary & there may be a mixture of different abilities within each session, so it is a fantastic learning oportunity to observe others as well as search.

Some sessions may be targeted to a specific learning outcome so that a particular search skill can be improved.


New course dates are released on a regular basis.  To view all available courses, click the button below.

Book A Course

If the course you are interested in is not listed on the booking page, please get in touch using the form on our “CONTACT US” tab & we can advise of all upcoming courses – we would be delighted to welcome you to class.

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