SCENT DETECTION - Scent training for all dogs



All dogs love to sniff - whether hunting, sniffing on walks, snuffling for their dinner in snuffle mats or scatter feeding etc. 

Olfaction (the sense of smell) is a dogs primary sense & they love using thier noses!  They will naturally sniff out things that they like & find rewarding, which releases happy chemical messengers in thier brain.  You can use this enjoyable natural sniffing ability to train your dogs to search for & locate a specific target scent whilst working with you as a handler/dog team.  Scentwork will really boost your relationship & as studies have suggested, your dogs confidence & optimism.

Join us at our Scentwork & Detection training classes & events to have some serious sniffing fun.  As you progress through your scentwork journey you will open many oportunities to expand your knowledge & grow your searches.

From scent id, indication & search skills, handling techniques, search planning, environmental searching & to even solving mysteries!  There is so much enjoyment for both you & your dog.




Your instructors have a wealth of knowledge in canine scentwork with an extensive scentwork training journey.

Scentwork UK qualified trainers levels 1-4

Talking Dogs Scentwork Accredited Handlers, & TDS Trainer Accreditation

City & Guilds Assured UKCSD Scent Detection Handler & Instructors




Beginners Scent Detection Courses

Start your scentwork journey with a beginners course designed to introduce you to scent identification, detection, indication & searching.  These classes are limited to 4 places to provide sufficient individual support for each dog/handler team


Scent Club Training

Continue your scentwork journey with further training sessions to develop your skills & knowledge.  Suitable for all handler teams who have completed a beginners course.  Each dog/handler team will work to progress at their own pace & level.


New course dates are released on a regular basis.  To view all available courses click the button below.

Book A Course

If the course you are interested in is not listed on the booking page, please get in touch using the form on our “CONTACT US” tab & we can advise of all upcoming courses – we would be delighted to welcome you to class.

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