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Try something different with our fun classes & workshops throughout the year


There are many different activities you can try at Canine Concerns, giving you great opportunities to meet fellow dog lovers and enjoy lots of fun with your dog.  

Please use the form on our “contact us” page to express interest in any of the following classes:


Keen K9's "come back" 

**Series of 3x2hr workshops - 2019 dates tbc**

The class to strengthen your off-lead partnership

For dogs of all ages

Do you find it difficult to get your dogs attention? Does your dog struggle with lots of distractions outdoors? Do you want more focus or a better relationship with your dog? This is the class to build that connection & work towards that off-lead reliability you have always hoped for in your dog.  All fuelled with fun & positivity.


Doggy Detective Workshops

* 2019 dates tbc *


Our 2 day Doggy Detective "Crime Sniffing Investigation" workshops are based on scent work and fun games.  Work as teams to face challenges, tackle obstacles & find hidden clues to solve a mystery.  These workshops will make you realise just how much fun you can both have working together, with plenty of entertainment thrown in for the humans too.


Fun Agility

April-Oct, for dogs over 1year (18 months for large/heavy breeds).  Juniors class available for dogs under 1yr (under 18 months for large/heavy breeds)

Agility involves handlers guiding their dogs through a course of obstacles.  This takes finely tuned skill & involves dog & handler working as a superb team.  Obedience, control, focus & a strong bond are all essential for this sport & most dogs absolutely love it.  Why not challenge yourself to be your dogs sat-nav & give our fun agility a go.  Canine Concerns uses standard competition equipment made to KC specifications. (dogs must have a good level of obedience off lead & be comfortable around others for the group classes)


Fun Flyball

April-Oct, for dogs over 1year (18 months for large/heavy breeds)

For all tennis ball lovers.  Flyball involves a race over hurdles to a triggered box releasing a ball.  The ball is collected & returned over the hurdles to the start line.  Sounds simple?  This sport takes a lot of drive & training is broken down into small segments to achieve the end goal.  Dogs must be taught to execute turns safely & quickly encouraged by their handlers.  Canine concerns flyball equipment is made to BFA & KC specifications. (dogs must have good obedience off lead & be comfortable around others for the group classes)


Fun Scentwork 

For dogs of all ages - Check out our SCENTWORK UK page & Talking Dogs Scentwork® page

Here at Canine Concerns we are qualified scentwork trainers & sniffing mad - we love it!  All dogs love to sniff & explore their surroundings, it comes completely naturally.  Why not work with your dog & teach him to use his nose, explore & find things for fun.  Great for confidence & building bonds between dog & handler, this activity is suitable for all breeds, ages & fitness levels.  Nose work uses a lot of mental & physical energy without the high impact aspect of many other dog activities - perfect for the young & old.


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